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There’s something about a Missouri tomato July 14, 2007

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Today was a day I look forward to all year long. It was the first BLT of the season with luscious slices of Missouri vine-ripened tomatoes. Ah, sheer bliss.

I’ve had summer tomatoes from many other states, and I may be a bit biased, but, nothing beats the perfect taste of a Missouri tomato. I know there are others out there who agree with me wholeheartedly. My in-laws, who are originally from Missouri, but, have lived in Denver for decades, still miss the special taste of a summer tomato from the Show-Me state. In fact, every year we ship them a little box so they can share in the bounty with us.

I was a little worried about this year’s tomato crop. The first tomatoes started out beautifully, but, developed a black rot on the bottom before they ripened. Things seem to have turned around, however, and we have a nice little supply to show for the beginning of the season.

Hope this has inspired you to forget whatever diet you’re on and fry up a nice pan of crispy bacon, slather a little mayo on a couple of slices of fresh bread and dress the top with a couple of thick slices of Missouri tomato and lettuce. It is a meal fit for a king.

Bon appetite!


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