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Something important between brothers July 17, 2007

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Another story from my life…so far.


Something important between brothers 

They were only 13 months apart, my two oldest sons. From the time they were babies, Bobby and Mark shared a very special bond. They shared more than a bond, they shared everything.

When they were just toddlers, not yet in school, they developed a special kind of sharing. Whatever one brother got, they always managed to give half to the other. If it was a toy, it was shared at playtime (even the special GI Joes). If it was a drink, they each had an equal share. Cookies were broken in half and they took turns riding in the front seat. One of my favorite memorable moments happened at that time in their lives.

It was the first time they were doing a chore for “pay.” Both boys took turns manning the rake in the yard, desperately trying to rake leaves into a pile. Honestly, that rake was at least twice their size and sometimes they both had their hands on it. Together, they would diligently pull back and forth and try to make a pile like mine. At the end of our chore time, I pulled a couple of dollars out of my pocket and handed one to Bobby first. Before I had a chance to say anything, Bobby quickly tore the dollar bill in two and handed half to Mark. Markie grinned from eat to ear, saying nothing and they both pretended to be big boys and stuffed the pieces into their pockets.

It was one of the sweetest things I’d ever seen.

Many years later, when Mark was leaving for the army, I went to my dresser drawer and pulled out an envelope I’d saved for nearly 20 years. I gave Bobby and Mark the halves of the dollar bill that had always reminded me how much these two brothers had shared. I thought it was only fitting that while they were apart, each had something that would remind them of the other. As far as I know, they both still carry those little keepsakes around.

After all, sharing is something pretty important between brothers.


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