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Wedding week countdown: Thursday August 2, 2007

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 9:20 pm

30 dozen sandwich rolls, tons of fresh veggies, thousands of silk rose petals stuffed into brandy snifters, silver trays and tuxedo rentals; that’s what my day was made of.

I am soooooo tired…

But, I got a lot done. From housecleaning to running errands, I think we packed about all a human being could into one day. I’m writing in my blog as I print the reception programs. (Yes, I got more ink.) These will go much more quickly. My printer likes this paper and so I could put stacks in at one time and not hand feed it. Yippee!

Tomorrow the family will start to arrive. We’ll decorate for the reception and deal with last minute details. We’ll have the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and we’ll enjoy the last night our little girl will sleep in our house as a single woman. We’re almost there, only one day to go!


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