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The mucus report August 17, 2007

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 3:02 pm

At lunch today I heard an interesting tale that I’ll have to share with you. It’s only fair. After all, when one has their own lunch interrupted by a conversation about mucus, it’s only fair to pass it on!

Our daughter, the new bride, was reporting that while watching TV last night her new husband had a powerful sneeze. A few minutes later, she noticed that something wet and icky was now hanging on their window blinds. While she and I were both completely focused on the obvious gross out factor, her new husband had a whole different view.

Being an engineering student, he was truly impressed by the fact that the mucus had traveled at least six feet and had landed at nose level. That meant it had traveled with such velocity it hadn’t had time to “fall” in its travel across the room. This, people, is truly impressive.

Such is the view from the newlyweds window…


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