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Two middle aged women with Barbie dolls August 21, 2007

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I have always been a Barbie doll fan. I collected them for years and, as a child, they were my most treasured possessions. When I was 7, I wasn’t happy about another baby coming to our house. I had a pretty good gig going, you see, and this kid might mess things up a bit. However, the one positive thing was that I would finally have a sister who could play Barbie dolls with me.

Boy, was that ever a wrong assessment. This “girl child” played with cars. She was a real tomboy and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with dolls. At least, that is, except for one short period of time when she took a minor interest in these things called dolls. She wasn’t really interested in playing with me, but, she did have an interest in my dolls. Rather than buying her a doll of her own, Mom let her play with mine. Big mistake. She cut off their hair, broke arms and legs, lost all of their precious little shoes and sunglasses…it was AWFUL! My beautiful Barbie collection was dessimated.

Fast forward about 30 years or so. Now, the younger sister has a little girl of her own. And, she likes to do all the things I liked to do when I was little. Including playing with Barbie dolls! (insert evil laugh here) It’s been really interesting to watch my sister Sue struggle with a little person who likes girly things. Last night, they pop over to my house for a visit and my niece immediately makes a beeline for the guest room and the container that holds the Barbie dolls, clothes and accessories. Yes, I have Barbie dolls still. After all, I have 3 granddaughters that come to visit and this is something that Grammy likes to do, too!

My niece drags the case over to the dining room table and we sit down to play. It was a bit comical to watch my younger sister struggle with the tiny clothes and shoes. There were the typical comments about how trashy Barbie looked in some of the skimpy outfits and comments about Barbie being too well endowed to fit properly in the clothes. However, there was something sort of satisfying about finally sitting down with my sister and playing Barbie dolls like 2 civilized children. (Note: my niece had wandered off to do other things by that time and we continued to play.) Between the 2 of us, we tried every outfit on the Barbies before we stopped.

After we packed them back up, she told me she’d better not see this show up on my blog today. Hmmm, sounded like a dare to me…  🙂


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