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What I remember about my first vacation August 24, 2007

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The summer was filled with lots of events and although I took some time off work, I didn’t get to take an actual vacation this year. Oh well, since it didn’t work out for me to take a vacation, I’ll just reminisce about vacations past…

The things I remember most about my first family vacation at age 6:

  • Tongue sandwiches. My Granny fixed dinner for us the night before we left and I remember vividly the site of boiled tongue coming out of a pan and laid on the plate for slicing. It was a horrible thing to see. An even more horrible thing to try to eat. It was a life-changing event. I’ve never eaten it since. Thank goodness we were leaving the next day. Can you imagine leftover tongue? Ewwwww!!
  • It was my first real experience with restaurants. I loved eating at restaurants. However, every day I would order something called “hotcakes” from the menu, and every day the restaurant would get my order wrong and send me pancakes. No one bothered to explain to the kid that they were the same thing. By the end of the week, I finally got the message and started ordering eggs.
  • My parents got really annoyed at all of us for ordering certain things at the restaurant that we normally didn’t partake in when it was set before us at home and for a fraction of the cost. I remember the lecture about tomato juice as though it was yesterday…
  • Yellowstone National Park SMELLED REALLY BAD! I couldn’t quite understand everyone being so excited about looking at spraying water and holes in the ground that stunk like rotten eggs. PHEWWWW! I did think the bison were pretty cool though.
  • Speaking of bison, they were nice to look at, but, not great to eat. I’m not sure about the fancy meal in a certain hotel we had. Daddy said it was range-fed beef or buffalo or something like that. Anyhow, they tasted really weird and I don’t think any of us ate our hamburgers. The soup was good though!
  • The Corn Palace was a really, really cool place for a 6 year-old kid.
  • I got tired of riding in a car. I remember sleeping a lot. The kids picked on each other and Mom and Dad fussed at us for arguing. You know, the usual car trip stuff.
  • I remember swimming at the motel. I was at the top of the slide and Daddy was encouraging me to come down (it was my first time) and he’d catch me. He lied and thought it was funny. End of story.

Doesn’t it make you want to relive your childhood? Next time, I’ll tell you what happened when we went to Washington, DC. šŸ™‚


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