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What do you remember about going back to school? August 29, 2007

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All of this back to school stuff made me remember how I felt when in my childhood I would reachthe end of summer vacation and the start of a new school year.

I lived on a farm and we didn’t have many people who lived nearby. At least, no one my age. Summers got to be pretty long and pretty boring. I was one of those nerdy kids who liked school and started looking forward to going back by the end of the first week of summer vacation!

My summer activities included Bible School for one week, sometimes swimming lessons, and a family vacation in August. That was about it, except for helping in the garden, picking blackberries, doing a few household chores each day and watching soap operas because there was nothing else on TV. Back in those days, we didn’t hang on the phone with our friends either. When I was a kid in grade school, we were still on a party line! (Now I’m showing my age!)

Getting ready to go back to school was fun though. Mom would take us shopping for our school supplies. Do you remember struggling to decide what 3 ring notebook you’d buy and what color pencils you wanted? Seems sort of silly now, but, we really did think it was important back then. Buying clothes and new tennis shoes was fun, too. I remember a really hideous hot pink dress that I desperately wanted to buy at JC Penney’s one year. My Mom hated the dress and did her best to talk me out of it. Nothin doin. I had to have that dress. I even had my school picture taken in it. Yes, I just saw a picture of myself a week or two ago in that dress with a short pixie haircut. Hideous, hideous, hideous!

The first day of school brought butterflies to my stomach. Getting on the bus for the first time (remember the smell of the school bus?) was a pretty scary thing. I always wondered if my friends from the year before would still be there or if someone had moved over the summer. Change was hard, even then. It only took a day or two, though, to settle into a routine. I loved school. I still have fond memories of those years of my life.

To all the kids who have just started back to school, I hope you have a good year. Study hard and play hard. You’ll do just fine. (Just stay away from hideous pink dresses!)

What do you remember most about starting back to school? 


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