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Beautiful photos galore! August 9, 2007

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I am bleary eyed from looking through the totally amazing photos our photographer, Jim Yates, took at the wedding this weekend. I put a few on Flickr that you can see, but, there were just to many to choose from—all wonderful. It always amazes me how a photographer can make people who aren’t very photogenic come out looking passably decent. It’s even more impressive what they can do with people who are photogenic.

Take a peek:



What a beautiful wedding!! Mission accomplished! August 5, 2007

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It was a year of planning and preparing. A year of saving and spending. A few days of intense hard work. A few hours of watching the event unfold and realizing that it was all worth it.

The bride was beautiful, even if she was my daughter. Our son-in-law was an extremely handsome groom. How could a wedding not be perfectly beautiful when held in a church designed by Christopher Wren, with a stringed quartet and a pipe organ?

Although I was exhausted by the time Saturday finally arrived, I enjoyed watching my child walk down the aisle and marry her best friend. My husband was a perfect proud father and was a little melancholy at the point of giving his daughter away, but, he managed the job well. The reception was perfect and went without any type of glitch.

The worst part of the day was my shoes. They were beautiful, but, painful. I was a barefoot mother-of-the-bride for most of the wedding reception. I don’t think my feet will ever be the same!

The couple are off to Jamaica now for a well deserved honeymoon. We’re returning tuxedos and cleaning up all of the rental items, sorting the wedding paraphernalia and readying ourselves to return to work next week.

Life will now, hopefully, return to normal. I’m happy!


Wedding week countdown: Friday August 3, 2007

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It’s here. The day before the wedding. I have been up and working since 6 a.m. We moved 750 orange chairs out of the way and rearranged the tables at the reception venue. We placed 200 white chairs and decorated the place. I helped arrange the 6 wedding bouquets, 17 boutonierres, and 11 corsages. I continued printing 250 reception programs (yes, I’m STILL printing).

My feet are KILLING me!!!!!!

The rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner were wonderful. Annie and Josh have wonderful friends and it was a great, relaxing time at the end of a very long day. All the family from out of town have now arrived and we’re preparing for tomorrow. It’s Annie’s last night in her old bedroom at our house. I guess it’s time to let her go.

I’m not sure how early I’ll be able to write tomorrow. It will be a very full day. I think we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.


Wedding week countdown: Thursday August 2, 2007

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30 dozen sandwich rolls, tons of fresh veggies, thousands of silk rose petals stuffed into brandy snifters, silver trays and tuxedo rentals; that’s what my day was made of.

I am soooooo tired…

But, I got a lot done. From housecleaning to running errands, I think we packed about all a human being could into one day. I’m writing in my blog as I print the reception programs. (Yes, I got more ink.) These will go much more quickly. My printer likes this paper and so I could put stacks in at one time and not hand feed it. Yippee!

Tomorrow the family will start to arrive. We’ll decorate for the reception and deal with last minute details. We’ll have the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and we’ll enjoy the last night our little girl will sleep in our house as a single woman. We’re almost there, only one day to go!


Wedding week countdown: Wednesday

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I’m out of ink. After printing 250 ceremony programs on both sides, hand feeding each one, I am now out of ink and must go get some before I can continue to print the reception programs. Today everyone was busy moving. Busy, busy, busy…