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Mmmmm, donuts! September 14, 2007

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Jammolee’s Donuts opened this week just in time to completely challenge my resolve to start my “new healthy way of living.” You see, I could pass up most bakeries. I’m not addicted to sweets for breakfast as a general rule. But this is different. This bakery purchased the famous recipe used in Fulton’s most successful bakeries for decades.

It all started many, many years ago when a family called the Baumeister’s came to Fulton, bringing with them old family recipes for donuts and pastries. The Baumeister Bakery was very well known and no other bakery was able to duplicate the delectable donuts and pastries. When the Baumeister’s retired, they passed the recipe along to one of their employees who continued to run a bakery for years under the name Harold’s Bakery. After Harold retired, there was a lapse for a bit and then his son-in-law Rusty opened a bakery with the old recipes. There was a great sugar rush available once again in Fulton.

Rusty closed the bakery a few years ago and we all thought that was the end. Then, another baker successfully purchased the old recipes from Rusty and under his tutelage opened a brand new business called Jamolee’s Donuts.

This morning, I left the house at 6:15 a.m. I stood in line and purchased jelly rolls, chocolate long john’s, chocolate cinnamon rolls, twists and donuts. My son Allen and I sat at the dining room table like a couple of addicts who had too long been without their fix. It was incredible…

If any of you readers out there are interested in trying these out, you can find our little sugar oasis at:

Jamolee’s Donuts and Gourmet Coffee

2600 N. Bluff Street

Fulton, MO

Monday-Saturday 5a.m. till sold out



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