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The first day of fall September 24, 2007

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Well, the first day of fall 2007 has come and gone. It was a hot one, for sure! My crew returned home after the Mizzou game (another win for the Tigers) wearing their sunburns like badges of honor. I think football season is a great time of year, once you get to the point you can wear sweatshirts and use your stadium blanket!

The weekend was fruitful and I didn’t cheat too badly on my diet. However, I did eat some of my sister Sue’s new cookies. They are to die for and would be big trouble if she has them very often. Chocolate Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies. Oh…my…gosh…they’re…sinful.

My husband continues his furniture making operation and is making good progress on our closet built-ins. I can hardly wait for this project to be finished. I’ll have so much storage space I’ll have to go out and buy new clothes to fill it up! 🙂 He also started on a huge picture frame for a print we bought awhile back. He’s just going crazy out there in his shop!

Not much more to tell from the weekend. It was good to see the whole family (sister, nieces, nephews, aunts, etc.) at Mom’s for dinner Saturday night. There sure are a lot of us these days. Nice to get together though.


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