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Getting back on the wagon October 10, 2007

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“No, thanks, I’ll pass on Starbuck’s today.”

Boy, that was hard to say. Not only would my body love the extra kick of caffeine, but, a nice sweet low-fat vanilla latte would have been really tasty. The problem with that is that is just seems to make me crave other things that I’m just not supposed to have. I need to get back to drinking the amount of water during the day that I should and start backing away from the extras. Those sneaky little extras usually send me flying backward in my attempt to get healthier and lose some weight.

I think it’s hard for everyone to get back on the wagon after a weekend of company and pretty much eating whatever we want. My teenager met me at the door last night with a request that we order pizza for dinner. My response was no, we’re going to be good. I made a parmesan crusted tilapia, steamed veggies, wild rice and cottage cheese for dinner. He promptly grabbed the basketball, stated he wasn’t hungry and disappeared for the rest of the evening. Sigh…being healthy is hard for all of us.

Oh well, after watching The Biggest Loser last night, I was reminded that if those people can do it, I can too. I just have to keep thinking about it and drop a pound here and there where I can. Any progress is good progress!


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