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The naming of felines October 12, 2007

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One of my co-workers was telling me about the names her little sister had just bestowed on new kittens. The were Eeenie, Meanie, Minie and Moe. Cute. It made me dig back into the deep recesses of my brain to try and recall other cat names from my childhood. (You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to name their cat.)

We had a batch of kittens when I was little. I seem to recall their Mama’s name was Poppins and the kittens were Pippin, Puggins, Punkin and Petie. Obviously we were into the “P” names at that stage. I also had a black kitten when I was a little older, around 11 or 12. I named that cat Licorice. Licorice came to a bad end, though. While I was staying with my sister Chris for a week in Columbia, Mom ran over the cat. In order to make amends, she bought me the Beatles (1962-66) Red Album. Swwweeeeetttttt. 🙂

My sister Chris had a massive cat when she and her husband got married. I think his name was Honky-Cat. Her husband had an even bigger monster named Jose. I was a bit terrified of Jose. I used to sleep on their couch when I stayed over and one morning while my sister was taking her husband to work, Jose decided to stealthily jump on the middle of my chest while I was sleeping and dig in his claws. We were nose to nose, his claws were dug in and I couldn’t move. After all, this cat weighed at least 20 pounds. When Chris came home, she rescued me. Bad kitty!

I’ve heard lots of interesting cat names. So, here’s your question for the day:

What interesting names have you given your little feline friends and why? 


2 Responses to “The naming of felines”

  1. After months of being unable to come up with a suitable name for my kitten, I closed my eyes, flipped open the phone book and pointed. So now I have a cat named Larry Jennings. The human Larry Jennings, I have since learned, was a hard-livin’ womanizing rebel who died in a motorcycle accident not long after he gave his name to my cat.

    The cat I had before Larry started out as Beauregard, but his name grew as he did, eventually becoming Beauregard Kaffir-Cat Hottentot Bathroom-Stinker Needletooth Wilson.

    Our cat before that was Kemal, named after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey.

  2. auntlelo Says:

    I’m posting this comment for my son, Bobby, who is not allowed to comment on blogs at work.:)

    You forgot to mention our cat, Baby, who got that name because every time Allen (a.k.a. the youngest child in the family) saw the cat, he called it baby. Dad, of course, insisted on calling the cat “Miss Kitty.”

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