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Hunt & Peck with Fat Chick and Henrietta October 18, 2007

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick" — auntlelo @ 7:43 am


Me: “What in the world are you two doing now?”

FC: “I’m teaching Henrietta to surf.”

Henrietta: “I don’t quite understand what surfing has to do with this little box thing with a screen. Don’t you have to have water to surf?”

FC: “You’re a real idiot, Hen, you know it? Surf as in surf the Web. Get with it old girl!”

Me: “Why do you want to surf the Web, Chick?”

FC: ” I want to keep track of what you’re doing. Sometimes you write things about us in your blog that we’re not sure we like. We want to comment on a few of those entries.”

Me: “I don’t think ceramic chickens are allowed to comment on blogs, girls. You’ll probably just have to continue to tell me what you think the old fashioned way.”

FC: “Nothin doin. I think the rest of the world should hear what we have to say about things. After all, we are the most interesting part of your blog. ”

Me: “Oh really? You mean the other things I write about like stories from my life aren’t interesting to people?”

Hen: “Oh, dear, dear, dear. We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It’s just that Chick has noticed that your blog stats are ever so much higher on days when you talk to us. We think we can help you be a more successful blogger!”

Me: “Oh, really? How are you planning to do that?”

FC: “We thought we’d add a few blog entries and see what kind of traffic we get. After all, we have our own fan club, you know.”

Me: “And how are you planning to write these blog entries? Chickens can’t type!”

FC: “Sure we can! It’s called hunt and peck. Men have been typing this way for years!”

Me: “Good grief! Hey, isn’t that MY laptop?”

Henrietta: “See, Chick, I told you she’d notice!”


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