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A fridge full of pie October 26, 2007

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What a dilemma. I have been trying to be good. This week, the meals weren’t terribly healthy, but, were nice and simple. The worst part of this week’s lack of healthy eating is the presence of a whole lotta pie in my kitchen.

It had been baked for a Sunday School meeting (blatant bribery…see previous post). I obviously overestimated the amount of interest we were likely to get and had to bring a great deal of pie back home. My kitchen is graced with apple pie, coconut pie, banana cream pie and chocolate brownies. Not exactly a dieters paradise.

Last night, I was really, really, really bad. I won’t tell you how bad exactly, but, it had to do with a saucer, a fork and more than one item. 😦

I have a complete lack of willpower and control, especially when I’m out of sorts. Next week I have a trip to Chicago and am looking forward to some nice outings for dinner. After all, that’s one of the best parts of business trips, right? Maybe I need to make sure to watch multiple episodes of the Biggest Loser before I go for inspiration.


One Response to “A fridge full of pie”

  1. Voltaire Says:

    On the bright side, I promise that dinner at MK is totally low-cal. Hehehehe.

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