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Space Ghost interviews the winged superheroes October 30, 2007

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick" — auntlelo @ 4:12 pm


Space Ghost: “Welcome to Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast. I’m Space Ghost. Today we’re interviewing…hey, Zorak, who are we interviewing?”

Zorak: “Bat Chick and Robin’s Egg. Fake superheroes.”

Space Ghost: “Yes, yes, Fat Bat and Chicken Egg. Welcome to the show!”

Henrietta: “That’s Bat Chick and Robin’s Egg, you ninny.”

Space Ghost: “So, are the costumes just for Halloween or are you intending to go out and make the world a safer place for winged beings of your species?”

Bat Chick: “We haven’t decided yet. I have to get a tool belt first. I can’t do much without a tool belt.”

Space Ghost: “Don’t you have any super powers like me? I have protective force fields and a heat ray and invisibility and flight and…”

Henrietta: “Well, we have wings.”

Space Ghost: “So, you can fly?”

Henrietta: “Well, not exactly.”

Space Ghost: “What do you mean, not exactly?”

Fat Chick: “What the dumb cluck is trying to tell you is that we’re ceramic chickens who sit in an office on a table all day and we have painted on wings. That’s why I need a flipping tool belt, Ghostie, so I can go out and kick some villain butts!”

Space Ghost: “I see. So, you really ARE fake superheroes. Well, on to more important topics. Let’s talk about MY super powers. I have a heat ray, see?”

Bat Chick: “Good grief, don’t point that thing at me! I’ll be chicken fried talk show guest if you aren’t careful!”

Henrietta: “Yes, dear, it really isn’t nice to point. ”

Space Ghost: “I’m a powerful superhero with his own talk show. I can use my heat ray any time I want.”

Bat Chick: “If you really want to impress us, why don’t you use that invisibility thing and just disappear?”

Space Ghost: “How dare you! (frantically trying to find the right buttons on his power bracelet) I’ll have you know I’m in charge here. No one tells Space Ghost what to do, no one!”

Zorak: “Caller on line 1 Space Ghost.”

Space Ghost: “I can’t take a call now! I’m in the middle of…”

Zorak: “It’s your mother.”

Space Ghost: “Hi Mommy!”

Mom: “Tad, I think you’re being a little rude to your guests.”

Bat Chick: “Tad! Is your name Tad?”

Space Ghost: “Mommy, I thought we agreed you weren’t going to call me when I’m on-air.”

Mom: “Tad Ghostal, don’t you use that tone of voice with me! I’ll put you inside a force-field for a week!”

Space Ghost: “Ah, Mommy…”

Bat Chick: “I think your Mom is cool! How come we never see her on your show?”

Henrietta: “Yes, I’ll bet she’s a fine superhero. What sort of costume does she get to wear?”

Mom: “I really wanted to let you chicks know that I think you’re wonderful, even if you can’t find an XXL tool belt for Bat Chick. You should try to rid the world, or the office, you’re in from any villains you can. I’d like to be the first member of your fan club. LOVE your blog!”

Bat Chick: “COOL! We have a fan club! I think you should take over Space Ghost’s talk show. You rock!”

Mom: “Tad, I’ll be right over. Move out of the chair.”

Space Ghost: “But wait, this show is supposed to be about me. What’s happening? I’m losing control! Next thing you know it’ll be just like watching The View!”

Mom: “Just go out trick or treating and have a good time. Remember not to use your heat ray on the other children. Some of their costumes are still flammable.”

Bat Chick: “Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh…what have you done to Robin’s Egg?”




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