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The good Samaritan I met today October 31, 2007

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As I sat at dinner this evening with good friends, I felt my cell phone vibrating in my purse next to my feet. While normally I would have waited until after dinner and returned a call, I decided to see who it was. I was my husband, at home in Missouri, telling me that he’d just received a call from a man named Ken Skupien here in Chicago and that he’d found my wallet.

Found my wallet? I just had my wallet. Why, I’d had it when I’d paid the cab driver before coming into the restaurant. I didn’t even realize it was missing! My husband went on to say that the man told him the cash and credit cards were all still there, but, that there was no drivers license. (I still had that loose in my purse because I’d used it when I checked in at the airport.) He’d found my voter registration card and had tracked down my phone number at home from that.

I called the cell phone number he’d left with my husband and thanked him for tracking me down. I asked if there was somewhere I could meet him to pick it up. He asked where I was and said he was already at home, but, he would bring it to me at the restaurant.

When he arrived, he turned out to be a young man about the age of my older children. Very, very sweet. I wanted to pay him for his time and trouble and he refused to take any money. Instead, he gave me a big hug, said “welcome to Chicago” waved and left.

Wow, what a wonderful human being and what a wonderful story that demonstrates how good and kind a lot of people are. My job for the rest of my stay? Passing on the kindness that I was just shown to someone else who needs it.

To Mr. Ken Skupien, my heartfelt thanks and God bless.


One Response to “The good Samaritan I met today”

  1. antignome Says:

    Wow! That’s all I can say… what a wonderful man. You don’t run into people like that very often. 🙂

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