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Who’s the boss? October 16, 2007

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I completely forgot about today being Boss’s Day until the crew came in bearing flowers and a card. Wow, it was a really sweet card, too!

The personal notes in the card were great. There was also a rather confusing dialogue about Tony Danza from Who’s the Boss?. Despite it taking me a couple of minutes to understand it, I enjoyed the creativity.

Thanks guys for making today special, but, most of all thanks for making it a pleasure to come to work. You guys rock!


The world’s most disgusting foods October 12, 2007

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Here’s a blog entry you should read. However, make sure you don’t read it near mealtime. I know that different cultures have tastes and traditions we don’t share here in the U.S., but, some of this is just disgusting, no matter where you live. A recent blog entry from Epicurious listed 6 of the world’s most terrifying foods in this order:

6. Escamoles

5. Casu Marzu

4. Lutefisk

3. Baby Mice Wine

2. Pacha

1. Balut

The names, as listed above, don’t seem that terrifying. But, when you read the descriptions and see the photos, it almost leads one to consider haggis appetizing fare.

Bon appetit!


The naming of felines

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One of my co-workers was telling me about the names her little sister had just bestowed on new kittens. The were Eeenie, Meanie, Minie and Moe. Cute. It made me dig back into the deep recesses of my brain to try and recall other cat names from my childhood. (You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to name their cat.)

We had a batch of kittens when I was little. I seem to recall their Mama’s name was Poppins and the kittens were Pippin, Puggins, Punkin and Petie. Obviously we were into the “P” names at that stage. I also had a black kitten when I was a little older, around 11 or 12. I named that cat Licorice. Licorice came to a bad end, though. While I was staying with my sister Chris for a week in Columbia, Mom ran over the cat. In order to make amends, she bought me the Beatles (1962-66) Red Album. Swwweeeeetttttt. 🙂

My sister Chris had a massive cat when she and her husband got married. I think his name was Honky-Cat. Her husband had an even bigger monster named Jose. I was a bit terrified of Jose. I used to sleep on their couch when I stayed over and one morning while my sister was taking her husband to work, Jose decided to stealthily jump on the middle of my chest while I was sleeping and dig in his claws. We were nose to nose, his claws were dug in and I couldn’t move. After all, this cat weighed at least 20 pounds. When Chris came home, she rescued me. Bad kitty!

I’ve heard lots of interesting cat names. So, here’s your question for the day:

What interesting names have you given your little feline friends and why? 


Getting back on the wagon October 10, 2007

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“No, thanks, I’ll pass on Starbuck’s today.”

Boy, that was hard to say. Not only would my body love the extra kick of caffeine, but, a nice sweet low-fat vanilla latte would have been really tasty. The problem with that is that is just seems to make me crave other things that I’m just not supposed to have. I need to get back to drinking the amount of water during the day that I should and start backing away from the extras. Those sneaky little extras usually send me flying backward in my attempt to get healthier and lose some weight.

I think it’s hard for everyone to get back on the wagon after a weekend of company and pretty much eating whatever we want. My teenager met me at the door last night with a request that we order pizza for dinner. My response was no, we’re going to be good. I made a parmesan crusted tilapia, steamed veggies, wild rice and cottage cheese for dinner. He promptly grabbed the basketball, stated he wasn’t hungry and disappeared for the rest of the evening. Sigh…being healthy is hard for all of us.

Oh well, after watching The Biggest Loser last night, I was reminded that if those people can do it, I can too. I just have to keep thinking about it and drop a pound here and there where I can. Any progress is good progress!


The challenge of attempting a daily blog October 9, 2007

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It would seem obvious, of course, that the challenge is, in fact, managing to write in your blog daily. I have some weeks when I could post two or three times a day, there’s so much going on. Other weeks, it’s a challenge to think of anything remotely interesting to say.

I could join a multitude of others by writing about how exciting it was that Mizzou beat Nebraska in football this weekend. But, that would seem redundant.

Or, I could write more about how much weight I’m losing, but, can’t because I’m not. I cheated all weekend. 🙂

Fat Chick and Henrietta are being strangely quiet at the moment. Sometimes even alter egos run out of conversation and advice.

So, what to do? I would love to hear what you’d like to read about. Do you like stories from my life, conversations with Fat Chick, recipes or other topics? I have to do something. My son Bobby sent me an email this morning asking if I’d abandoned my blog. How embarrassing!

Help me out, send me some inspiration. I am, for once, speechless.


Disgruntled October 4, 2007

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Okay, I’m not happy. I did very well my first week on my diet, dropping 5 pounds and thinking things were going well. This week, I seem to have gained some back and things just aren’t happening the way I’d like. Admittedly, there have been a few cheats. But, they’ve been fairly minor. Sigh, this road will be very long, I fear.

I’m just sitting here waiting for Fat Chick to start cackling “I told you so” over in her corner of the room. How embarassing!


Kudos to the Overrated Menu October 2, 2007

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Finally, a post on a blog that clearly mirrors what I have long thought about high end restaurants and pretentious chefs. While I love food, I find some menus to be a bit over-the-top when it comes to describing the evenings fare. In fact, it seems that there is an unspoken contest going on to see what chef can outdo the other in writing the most adjective laden description of something as simple as a garden salad.

See this lovely post from celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain for an example of what I mean.  A water sommelier?You’ve got to be kidding!