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Thanksgiving, holiday decorating, Tigers and filling the pulpit November 26, 2007

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The title pretty much describes my weekend. I served the traditional turkey dinner for my household, parents, sister Sue and child, Aunt Pat, and my daughter Annie and her new husband Josh. It was a pretty small crowd this year compared to last. We had eleven people all together. It’s the norm for me to have somewhere in the vicinity of 25 or more. Everything turned out well except for my hot rolls. They didn’t rise well and had a consistency like a hockey puck. Oh well, there was way too much other good stuff to eat to mourn the loss of the rolls. I don’t think they were missed much.

On Friday, my big kids (Bobby, Mark and Annie) joined me and their little brother Allen to help us deck the halls. Putting up my Christmas tree is a major production and requires many tall people and ladders. I bribed them with leftovers and we successfully conquered the tree decorating for another year. THANKS KIDS!

The Tigers are now ranked #1 in the nation following Saturday night’s border war game against Kansas. We keep pinching ourselves because this is like a dream. I felt like I was going to have to go to church and ask for forgiveness on Sunday morning after the prayers I launched during the game. “Please, Lord, let us beat Kansas…please, Lord, give us a shut out game…please, stomp those Jayhawks for us, Lord…miss the kick, miss the kick, miss the kick…SLAUGHTER KU!” Oops, I don’t think that was appropriate for a prayer!

Speaking of prayer, we didn’t have a pastor yesterday morning. It fell to yours truly to deliver a message. My husband said I did a great job. He found his mind wandering during the sermon just the same as if I were a real pastor. 🙂

This week at work will be full of the great work surrounding promotions for the upcoming Big XII Championship game against Oklahoma. It will be crazy busy, but, what a great problem to have, right? I’m making my Christmas shopping lists and next weekend will go out and tackle all of it in one trip. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!


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