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Getting off on the wrong foot…literally November 29, 2007

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 5:04 pm

Not only am I limping around like an old woman because of a bad case of plantar fascitis, but, it’s been a crazy busy week so far. So much so that I’ve completely lost all sense of rational thought. Obviously.

Today I kicked off my shoes to settle into some work at my desk. When I reached down to put them on again, I was completely horrified. One brown shoe and one black shoe. Two different styles and I’d walked across campus in them that way, talking to people all over the place. Oh…my…gosh…

I am mortified. Now I can no longer make fun of my Mom because she was in a hurry and put both earrings in one ear.


One Response to “Getting off on the wrong foot…literally”

  1. marife Says:

    that was reall funny, and I can’t imagine that no one ever told you about it. maybe they’re busy like you, that they don’t have time to look on to small deatils.

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