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Decking the walls, halls, doors, whatever December 4, 2007

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 7:32 pm

We’re getting ready in the office. Thursday is the day for merry making and decorating. Each of us has a tiny tree that we creatively decorate every year, each trying to outdo the other, hoping to convey some sense of our personality. I’m coming up short on ideas this year. Hmmm, what could I do?

In the past, I’ve had an elegant tree with traditional red ornaments,  a tree festooned with sugary fruits and ribbon, a tree that reflected my favorite Christmas movies (complete with a popcorn garland), and last year a retro tree that was silver with lime green decorations. How in the world can I top that?

Well, let me sift through a few ideas…

Maybe a tree that conveys a sense of what type of year I’ve had. I have some silver bells from Annie’s wedding I could use. I’d have to think of something from Bobby and Rhi’s wedding. I could add to that some items that would commemorate the birth of our two new grandchildren and, of course, our kids who will be graduating from college. This year wouldn’t be complete unless I hung an empty Motrin bottle on the tree and a thing or two to pay homage to the pain and suffering my poor foot has been through. Maybe an item or two to represent speaking engagements with CASE or maybe the number 25. That represents the number of pounds I’ve gained during all the hubbub. I know, maybe some feathers to commemorate the presence of Fat Chick and Henrietta. After all, they’ve become an important part of my office life!

Hmmm, it’s been a busy year. I think I’m gonna need a bigger tree. 🙂


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