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The return of the whooping cough December 6, 2007

Filed under: My View on People — auntlelo @ 8:33 am

Last night the national news reported concerns about the return of that old childhood nemesis, the whooping cough. Although this particular illness usually targets infants and young children, in can sometimes attack adults, too. Any childhood illness that is contracted by an adult is usually some pretty bad juju.

Son #1 called last night to report that he’d finally gone to the doctor after suffering several weeks with a severe cough. Guess what? WHOOPING COUGH! Poor thing. He said he now has $80 worth of meds and two inhalers he has to use. Hope he gets some relief soon!

In fact, I should probably make him some of my extra special, kick-butt chicken soup. Oops, I hope Fat Chick and Henrietta didn’t read that part. They get a little testy about the mention of chicken soup!

Get well soon, Bobby! Your Mom loves you!


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