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Happy anniversary! December 7, 2007

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 2:53 pm

Sixteen years ago today, I married my sweetie. Six kids and a pile of bills later, we reminisce about how fast time flies when you’re happy and you love each other.

We’ve been through a lot. When we got married, I had three small children and he had two from our previous marriages. A little over a year after we tied the know, the stork surprised us again with a little bundle of joy named Allen. It’s a lot of work raising children in a blended family, but, at this stage I seem to remember only the good things. It’s nice that God made our brains work that way.

Now, all these years later, three of our children are married and another will get married next June. We have three granddaughters and one new grandson. Our daughter, Annie, will be graduating from Mizzou next week with her degree in elementary education. Our baby boy is now a freshman in high school and, like the rest of his siblings, is taller than me. My husband has more silver hair than brown these days and I am a whole lot heavier than I was when we married. We had our great adventure when we built our new house and we continue to have hobbies that work well together.

He’s right. The time does fly when you’re happy. I remember our wedding like it was yesterday and all the good times in between. Happy anniversary to us and many, many more.


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