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A hair tragedy December 11, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 8:35 am

With three granddaughters, it was bound to happen eventually. I believe the story is that our eldest granddaughter, Aidan, took control of some scissors and played barber with our granddaughter Jill’s pretty blonde hair. Jill has been well and truly shorn, down to the scalp in a few spots, right before Christmas. I believe the Mama’s cried and are now very hopeful that it can be repaired for Christmas pictures and will grow out sufficiently before the wedding in June.

I know it doesn’t help to hear this, but, it happens to everyone at least once. Someone plays with scissors, someone gets a wad of gum stuck in their hair, someone gets their pretty long hair stuck in a toy with working parts. It’s tragic today, but, as we all know, hair grows. It will become one of those cute stories you’ll share in the future and you’ll find it in your heart to laugh.

Just be glad no one cut off a finger!


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