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The sisters +1—the story of our Christmas lunch December 13, 2007

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Each year, I have a lovely Christmas lunch with my 3 sisters and one honorary sister. The honorary sister is an old and dear friend of the family who is male and in his seventies. Why he thinks it’s fun to have lunch with this crazy bunch of cackling hens, I never know. Every year, we seem to also end up with some sort of conversation topic or perfectly quotable statement that seems to stick with us long after Christmas. This year the quote was:

“You wanna buy my Jeep?”

Of course, the next question became “Why, are you buying a new one?”

The honorary sister will soon be the new owner of a silver gray BMW SUV. He is currently tracking it’s progress from factory to driveway online and it seems to be somewhere floating about on the ocean at the present time. He would very much like to sell his Jeep now to make room for the new Beemer in his garage. I wonder if they’ll deliver it with a big red bow on top?

Beyond this conversation, we talked about our Mom’s fear of mice. This conversation led to a discussion about our Grandpa’s pet black snake George who lived in our corn crib. We progressed to more stories about Mom and her aversion to certain animals, like cats. The story about the afternoon sitting on our deck when the neighborhood stray cat leaped onto Mom’s chest, hanging on for dear life and staring her down, nose-to-nose, was told again with lots of giggles to follow.

We had plenty of time for conversation since our very simple lunch of soup followed by salad or a sandwich took it’s time being served. Long story short, the most enjoyable part of this lunch was the conversation and time we had to spend together. We must be getting old. We’re starting to reminisce in the way our parents, aunts and uncles used to do. Hmmm, I wonder if our children are making fun of us like we used to make fun of the “old folks and their old stories?” Probably!

So, the question of the afternoon is this: Do you wanna buy a Jeep? 🙂


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