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A milestone reached December 14, 2007

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It seemed like this day would never come, and yet, it seemed like it happened so quickly. Our little Annie has graduated from Mizzou and will be an elementary teacher.

When Mark and I got married, Annie was a tiny little girl, just starting school. When she was in about first or second grade, my husband used to say that someday Annie will be a school teacher. He was right on target. Some people are called to do certain things. Annie has always been a teacher.

I don’t think there is anything more special in the life of a parent than that of watching your children accomplish their dreams. We’re so proud of Annie. She’s been a joy to raise and we’re eagerly awaiting the next chapter in her life. There are a lot of very lucky children out there whose lives will be forever changed because Mrs. Arnone was their teacher.

What a special day! Tomorrow, we watch Annie’s husband, Josh, graduate with honors from the College of Engineering. A busy weekend and a very rewarding one. Annie and Josh will both be going on to graduate school. Looks like there are more graduations in our future!

Congratulations kids!


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