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The “best” or “worst” Christmas gifts you ever received December 18, 2007

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Whenever I talk to anyone at Christmastime, there always seems to be some nostalgic reference to gifts they received in the past. Some of these are recollections of great and sentimental gifts, sometimes it’s a shudder of horror when recalling some truly distasteful present. All of these stories are interesting to me. I think some people might think my choice of favorite Christmas gifts would be pretty predictable, my choice of not so favorite gifts may be a surprise. (My apologies in advance if the giver of one of these gifts happens upon this blog and is in any way offended.)

A few of my favorite things:

  • The whole set of “Little House” books (I didn’t come out of my room for weeks after I got them)
  • My first set of oil paints (They were taken away from me for two weeks after getting them because I stuck my tongue out at my Mom)
  • Barbie Winnebago (What can I say, it was the 70’s!)
  • My own personal jar of stuffed olives in my Christmas stocking (weird, but, it was quite a treat)
  • Opal ring from my parents
  • Pearl ring from my parents
  • Pride and Prejudice, the miniseries, BBC version with Colin Firth
  • The clock my husband gave me for our first Christmas together
  • My set of Wustoff knives

A few of my least favorite things:

  • A bundle of switches (Yes, I really did get a bundle of switches wrapped in paper under the Christmas tree one year)
  • Socks and underwear (Whoever thought it was fun to get those for a kid at Christmas?)
  • Money (Great for an adult, not so great for a little kid who likes to unwrap packages)
  • Black, red and green sequined blouse (the person who bought it for me said when they saw it they immediately thought of me—don’t know how they mentally made that connection, but, it’s never, ever been worn)
  • Purple beaded necklace (Sorry, Annie, I know you were a little girl and you thought it was pretty, but, I had a devil of a time trying to find something I could wear this with to make you happy)
  • Perfume and smelly stuff (This may be a standard gift item for some people, but, I can’t wear any of this because it aggravates my asthma)
  • Things that are obviously purchased at the last minute from a convenience store (Need I say more?)

What are your favorite or least favorite Christmas gifts?


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