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A real Mizzou Christmas December 26, 2007

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As you can see from the photo, we had a pretty black and gold Mizzou Christmas at our house this year. Not pictured is my daughter Annie who got a black and gold purse, but, thought it wouldn’t look as cool if she posed just holding something instead of wearing it.

We had a great holiday. I had a few favorite moments this year, all of them very sentimental:

  • My Mom doing a reading for the Advent service at church
  • Allen volunteering to lead us in prayer at our Christmas morning breakfast and saying such sweet things it almost made me cry
  • Getting to spend time with our grandchildren Aiden, Jill, Allana and Seth
  • Having Bobby, Mark and Annie with me on Christmas Eve for the first time since they were tiny children
  • My Mom volunteering to lead us in prayer at Christmas lunch (for the first time that I can ever remember) and it was amazing
  • My kids following the rules we set and giving something to charity instead of getting gifts for their Dad and me
  • Watching our kids enjoy opening the gifts their Dad made for them
  • Singing with my cousin Kevin at church

I got some lovely things, but, the most lovely were the moments and the memories from the season. Hope all of you enjoyed spending time with your family this year and made them the center of all that you did.


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