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A along absence and a change of lifestyle January 7, 2008

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Hello friends!

Although most of you were too busy with the holidays to notice, it’s been quite a spell since I posted an entry in this blog. During that time I enjoyed the holidays with my family, suffered from a bad cold and changed my lifestyle and habits in order to take better care of myself and my family.

I became very dissatisfied and upset with myself for losing control and gaining so much weight in the past couple of years. When I tried to diet, there was always some excuse that derailed me efforts and I went right back to the same old bad habits. Recently, my husband and I started watching a reality TV show called the Biggest Loser. It’s about weight loss and, although you might think most reality TV is stupid and cheesy, this program is having a very inspirational and profound effect on me. We started off watching it as entertainment, in fact, eating pizza while we watched the Biggest Loser wasn’t unheard of. However, it was so amazing to watch people who were heavier than me tackle their problem and change their lives that I found myself becoming more and more motivated.

In the past two weeks, my husband and I joined a gym and have started eating very differently. We’re not calling it a diet, it’s a change in lifestyle. It won’t be ending once we reach our goal weight. I’m sure my doctor will be pleased with me, as he encouraged me to do this for my health. He’s a really great doctor—supportive and encouraging without being judgmental or critical. I’m trying to rearrange and accommodate all the things I need to do each day in order to fit in the exercise that is so important to a good, healthy lifestyle.

So far, I’ve been to the gym several times and in the past week, I’ve lost 6 pounds. Water is my new best friend and I’m drinking gallons of it every day. After suffering through the first few times in the gym, I find that I’m now looking forward to it and am beginning to push and challenge myself more.

I’m carefully tracking my progress, logging all the food I eat and getting great information to help me along the way at the Prevention magazine Web site.  I’m feeling encouraged, inspired and successful. Oh, and did I mention lighter? Stay tuned and I’ll give periodic updates on the progress. I’m sure you’ll also be seeing a new post or two from Fat Chick and Henrietta as they bemoan the fact that my diet has become increasing full of chicken and turkey.


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