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No time for writing—I’ve been at the gym! January 14, 2008

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 11:57 am

Yes, it’s true. I’ve spent less time blogging, which is a sedentary activity, and more time moving which requires visits to the gym.

I still find it strange to use the phrase “I’m going to go work out” or ” I’m heading to the gym.” These things are foreign to both my lifestyle and my vocabulary. However, in about three short weeks, I’m sure that I’m healthier. I am a little disappointed that following my immediate six pound weight loss, I suddenly gained two pounds for no apparent reason. However, after checking around to see if there was something I was doing wrong, I found that the culprit was probably a little something called muscle mass.

In women over 40, we begin to lose muscle mass each year. Something that happens as we exercise is that we begin to rebuild our muscle mass. And guess what? Muscle weighs more than fat. So while I would like to tell you that I have been steadily losing pounds since I last posted to my blog, the truth is I’ve remained stuck for much of that time. In an effort to prove to myself that my body is continuing to change and improve, I took all of my measurements last night so that in another week I can check to see if those are changing. On the plus side of things, I do have something notable to report. I received a lovely new vest for Christmas this year that wouldn’t quite meet in the middle so that I could zip it up. This morning, I realized that I could now zip it up with ease.

Maybe not loss of pounds, but, definitely changes in the body structure. I have more energy and feel better. We’re making some progress here!


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