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First day of pre-school and the first day of college and a bronze medal January 16, 2008

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It’s been a proud week for me as a Mom and a Grandma. After enjoying the college graduations of my daughter and son-in-law last month, we enter January with two new reasons to be proud.

Our oldest grandchild, Aidan, started pre-school this week. It was very exciting for her and her Mommy. We got prettily posed pictures from her first day, complete with a brand new haircut. (It was only fair that she have a new, short haircut after chopping off her cousins blonde hair just before Christmas). It’s a really cute hair-do and I know she’s excited to be such a big girl and going to “school.”

In another first, our son Mark started college this week. He made some funny digs at himself about being a 24 year old freshman, but, no matter when you start, it’s just a great thing that you do it. It’s good to have a dream and set goals. Best of luck to you Mark. I’ll say a few prayers that you behave in class better than you did in high school!

Speaking of dreams and goals, a big congratulations to the baby of the family for taking third place in his wrestling tournament on Saturday. That bronze medal will look really great on a letter jacket someday.

We’re so proud of all of our kids. Seems like no matter what they’re age, their parents are still claiming some credit for how well they turn out. Gee, aren’t we great? 🙂


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