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Reverting back to childhood February 3, 2008

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My husband made a very interesting observation this weekend. He said that when you’re trying to lose weight, you start sounding like a little kid again.  I wasn’t getting the connection so he had to explain.

“You know when you’re a little kid and someone asks you how old you are? You always think it’s really important to report the halves. Like, I’m four…AND A HALF! Now that we’re trying to lose weight I feel like that same little kid. How much weight have you lost? Twenty…AND A HALF pounds!”

I know just what he means. We bought a really cool new scale this weekend. It’s digital and it allows you to enter and save individual user information like starting weight, goal weight, age, height, etc. When you stand on it in bare feet, it not only provides your weight more precisely, but, it also measures your BMI and hydration level. This whole weight loss thing has become very high tech!

This weekend I also bought a pilates ball, resistance tubes, a Biggest Loser cardio workout video, a fitness book, two new cookbooks and a calorie counter to carry with me. After all that shopping, I was too tired to exercise!! 🙂

Current weight loss to date:

Me: 13 1/2 pounds

Spouse: 20 1/2 pounds

By next week I hope to report another landmark!


One Response to “Reverting back to childhood”

  1. blue artichoke Says:

    Congrats! That’s a pretty impressive rate of weight loss.
    I find that reading nutrition and diet books/articles helps me stay motivated (instead of reading cookbooks, which just makes me hungry!). Just in case it works for you too, I’d like to share a recent post from a site I like a lot:

    Good luck!

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