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Sorry for the bleakness of recent posts March 18, 2008

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 4:50 pm

I talked to one of my kids on the phone today and he indicated he was concerned that my blog posts were rather bleak lately and that’s not like me. I’ll have to see if I can get Fat Chick and Henrietta to do a commentary on what they think of all of us who eat marshmallow peeps at Easter. I’m sure it will be another long monologue bemoaning that fact that all of us are cannibals or something.

Anyway, as I said in an earlier post, tomorrow was a better day and I have determined that all the rest of the tomorrows will be that way as well. There are certain things that I care very deeply about: my family, my work family and my church family. When anything seems to be wrong with the world in one of those areas, I usually get myself into a bit of a snit. Not surprisingly, I’m in a snit fairly frequently. They’re usually just short-lived and not this bad.

I’ll wake the chickens up early tomorrow and see if we can get them to comment on the upcoming Easter celebrations. What color peeps do you like best?  🙂


One Response to “Sorry for the bleakness of recent posts”

  1. Chris Says:

    I like no color best. Peeps are so gross. They’re right up there with Necco wafers. Cadbury cream eggs are the superior Easter candy!

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