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Coughing, sneezing and happy it’s spring March 28, 2008

Filed under: My View on Events — auntlelo @ 9:13 pm

I love spring. I was born in the spring (April) and one of my favorite holidays is in the spring (Easter) and my favorite flowers feel like spring (daisies). Hmmm, there’s a pattern here. I was born on Easter Sunday, in April and the first flowers I ever received from anyone were for my 10th birthday and they were daisies. Go figure! 🙂

Yes, I love almost everything about spring. Everything, that is, except pollen. I’ve spent the week dreaming of warm weather and green trees and grass. And I’ve spent an equal amount of time coughing, sneezing and rubbing my eyes. Yes, allergy season is upon us.

I was launched rather unceremoniously into allergy season last week while trying to sing for Easter at church—with an altar packed with very fragrant, pollen-laden, Easter lilies. It was enough to take my breath away. It certainly caused me to run for the kleenex and my inhaler!

So while we’re watching the world turn green and the first flowers bloom, let’s celebrate the end of a long hard winter by heading to our local Walgreen store and buying a good supply of our allergy medicine of choice. Ahhh, aren’t you glad it’s almost April?


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