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A Mediterranean feast with my sisters + 1 April 30, 2008

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Last night my 3 sisters and I joined my niece Caity for dinner at Eckles Hall. The event was a Mediterranean dinner prepared and served by the Hotel and Restaurant Management students. Caity’s husband, Jeff, is a faculty member in that program.

We started off with fried calamari with a red pepper aioli. Yum. We progressed to a Greek salad and then on to a main course of fire roasted pork skewers with couscous. We rounded out the feast with baklava and coffee. I ate too much and I’m sure gained at least two pounds since yesterday.

During dinner we managed to get the giggles for various reasons. I think the most entertaining event was watching sister Sue shoot herself with the cherry tomato from the end of her kebab. Nice!

We had several communication malfunctions last night including one interesting one (again from sister Sue):

Me: “I need to go shopping this weekend and buy a really good mandoline.”

Sue: “I thought you already had a dulcimer.”

Me: “Not a mandolin, you good, a mandoline for slicing vegetables.”

Sue: “Oooooohhhhhhhh….I have one of those.”

I guess I’m glad she has a mandoline. I thought she might try to borrow my dulcimer the next time she needed to slice potatoes! 🙂


Heather and the bridal shower April 28, 2008

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My computer is not behaving itself, so I don’t have photos to share right away. However, let me tell you about the very lovely bridal shower my sisters hostessed for our daughter Heather this weekend.

We were lucky to have a pretty day on Saturday. The shower was at the restaurant at Tanglewood Golf Course and was attended by family. There was a yummy luncheon served and then we got down to the serious business of watching the opening of a pile of gifts.

Our family is always very generous with one another and this shower was no exception. There was cookware, a set of lovely dishes, Chicago cutlery, a quilt, lots of kitchen essentials and many great practical and decorative items. Heather and Kreg should be rather well set for household supplies as they start their married life.

I was rather amused that the little favor boxes contained Sweet Tarts, Heather’s favorite candy. However, all of the purple ones seemed to be missing. Ahhhh, my niece Jessie (not a little girl, but, a college graduate) had already pilfered all the boxes for the preferred purple candies. Naughty girl! I noticed she’s missed a couple in my favor tin so I donated them to the cause.

After taking photos of the gifts being opened, I returned to my seat thinking I would pop a Sweet Tart into my mouth. Much to my surprise, my tin was now completely empty. Aha! My niece Emma (4 years old) had confiscated my box and eaten the remaining candies while I was otherwise occupied. Naught girl! Hmmm, must run in the family…

All in all, a very nice afternoon. I’ll post photos later on after my computer gets a kick in its hard drive.


The hen party April 22, 2008

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Fat Chick: “Do you think she’ll look any older?”

Henrietta: “Don’t be silly Fat Chick. She won’t look any different than she did yesterday.”

Gregory: “Wow, that’s a shame. I was hoping for some improvement!”

Henrietta: “Really, Mr. Pecked, that’s entirely too rude of you considering the woman at the desk paid to bring you here to meet Fat Chick.”

Gregory: “Sorry. Sometimes those things just slip out. Besides, Fat Chick told me the woman at the desk likes people who speak their minds. She appreciates honesty. She likes to know where she stands!”

Fat Chick: “Gregory, dearest, that’s all true. However, the exception would be when you comment about a woman’s appearance. My best advice to you in that instance would be…”

Henrietta: “LIE!”

Gregory: “Wow, okay! I get the message. So, then, I guess I ought to rethink this little gift I bought her for her birthday.”

Fat Chick: “What is it? Is it chocolate?”

Henrietta: “Flowers? A book?”

Gregory: “Actually, no. I thought you said she was a more practical kind of gal and I took you seriously.”

Henrietta: “Oh no, what did you do?”

Gregory: “Well, I bought her the entire product line of that Oil of Olay Anti Aging stuff. I thought she looked like she could use it.”

Fat Chick: “Oh no, you didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t!”

Henrietta: “You better hide that package quick, Mr. Pecked or you’re liable to be fricassee for lunch! I would have thought that a fellow from Hollywood would have known better!”

Gregory: “In Hollywood, we don’t usually see women who look like that. The women out there have usually already done the necessary nipping and tucking and botoxing and such. Out here, people just let themselves get gray hair and wrinkles. It’s unnerving!”

Fat Chick: “Well, I forgive you. I completely understand that you were trying to do the right thing and just didn’t know her well enough to know that you shouldn’t have been quite that blunt. What do you think we should do instead?”

Henrietta: “I got her something very personal. Do you like it? It’s personalized stationary with my picture on it. I think it’s lovely!”

Fat Chick: “Gee Henrietta. I don’t quite know what to say about that. I wonder who she’ll be sending those notes to?”

Henrietta: “Well, everyone I would think. Don’t you think it’s cute?”

Fat Chick: “Why didn’t anyone think of just giving her chocolate? It’s the universal gift of good taste, after all. That’s what I got her, chocolate.”

Henrietta: “As if we all don’t know you have an ulterior motive. Remember what happened the last time someone gave her chocolate?”

Fat Chick: “No, I can’t say that I do.”

Henrietta: “I’m surprised, Fat Chick. I would have thought you would have remembered devouring 3/4’s of the box, gaining 5 pounds and complaining of a tummy ache for the next two days.”

Gregory: “Now ladies, how about we all start this birthday party over and just sing happy birthday and wish her many more?”

Fat Chick, Henrietta and Gregory Pecked: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear woman at the desk, happy birthday to you!”


My new baby: a Yamaha electric portable grand piano April 20, 2008

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No time to write, too busy playing with my new toy!

My family gave me a lovely gift for my birthday and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A shaky start to the morning April 18, 2008

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I’ll have to admit, it’s not everyday that someone in the central part of the US can wake up to what people in California find almost normal—the shaking that comes with an earthquake. Unfortunately, I slept through all the excitement, although others today related their experiences with their bed shaking and so forth.

The earthquake itself happened in southern Illinois. Luckily, this particular quake wasn’t the catastrophic New Madrid fault event that many geologists have been predicting could come at any time. The stories that talk of the major quake that hit in the mid-1800’s tell of the Mississippi River running backward and some things that shifted never returned to their pre-quake state.

The fact is, most of Missouri is probably very ill-prepared for something like an earthquake. Let’s all be grateful that the event of this morning is all we have to wake up to for awhile!


Annie’s very good news April 17, 2008

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It’s nice when you can report about answered prayers, especially when it concerns one of your children.

This week Annie learned that she’d been chosen as one of the teachers accepted into the fellows program for Columbia Public Schools. This fall, Annie will be teaching at her #1 choice, Lee Elementary, in either third or fourth grade. Lee is a fine arts intensive school which is a perfect match for Annie’s elementary education major/technical theatre minor. In addition, she’ll be earning her masters degree while teaching under a mentor teacher. This amounts to a full-ride scholarship for her masters program.

Last week we were in the dumps because the recent budget cuts had taken all of the fellows openings. This week, the superintendent opened up one lone fellows position and Annie had her prayers answered. What a blessing!!


Introducing Gregory Pecked April 16, 2008

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It was a match made in heaven–cyber-heaven, that is. The handsome hunk from arrived yesterday amid a great deal of excitement and flapping of wings.

Fat Chick was rendered nearly speechless, which is highly unusual for those of you familiar with Fat Chick. She seemed unusually docile yesterday, nearly swooning over every syllable that passed through the beak of her new beau, Gregory Pecked.

As you can see, the new rooster is indeed of the ornamental poultry variety. He makes quite an entrance and his size alone makes him a commanding presence in the room. He’s a lovely shade of turquoise with brown speckles and an extremely attractive and well coiffured comb. He’s much taller and more rotund than Fat Chick, which suits her just fine. They’re already getting well acquainted and having lovely conversations (which we’ll leave private for a day or two).

The only drawback seems to be that Henrietta can’t contain her disapproving clucks over the new romance. She finds it very upsetting that her protege, Fat Chick, has acquired a new beau under very unusual circumstances. She’s not at all sure she approves of him and the coming days and weeks will be interesting as Gregory Pecked settles into the office.

I wonder when he’ll have his first conversation with the Woman at the Desk? After all, she did pay the bill so that these two lovebirds could meet beak-to-beak.

If you want more details about Gregory Pecked, read the previous post titled “The handsome hunk from”


My Starbuck’s addiction has returned April 9, 2008

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I think Henrietta has been a bad influence on me. My Starbuck’s addiction that was so well controlled for the past 3 months seems to have returned this week. I have had Starbuck’s two days in a row now. Even though it’s the skinny vanilla latte, it’s still against my self imposed rule of “thou shall not drink thy calorie allowance for the day.”

I will hop back on the wagon tomorrow. It was a nice treat, but, not nice enough to make the 22 pounds I’ve lost start creeping back!


Happy Birthday Annie! April 8, 2008

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23 years ago it was a Monday. In fact, it was the Monday just following Easter Sunday. I had been born on Easter Sunday 23 years before that. My doctor and I had a bet. She said the baby wouldn’t be born until the 9th. I said the baby would be here on the 8th and I hate being wrong, so at 11:55 p.m., Annie was born.

Annie turns the same age today as I was when I had her. Wow, what a thought! I’d like to share my favorite picture of Annie as a baby. Hard to believe it’s been 23 years. Happy birthday sweetie!


Anna came for a visit April 7, 2008

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Fat Chick: “Henrietta, what did you think of our visitor today?”

Henrietta: “Oh, I thought she was lovely! What a pretty name, Anna. Don’t you think so, Fat Chick?”

Fat Chick: “Sure, it’s a lot nicer name than Fat Chick! I thought she was cool. Did you notice that she thought the Lady at the Desk was funny? That’ll sure make her day. Most of us think she’s just nuts, but, this lady thought she was funny. Wait till she gets to know her better!”

Henrietta: “Look here, Chick, I wouldn’t say anything bad about the Lady at the Desk. After all, she’s footing the bill to get your new boyfriend here for a visit. I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Fat Chick: “Okay, okay, calm down. No offense intended. So, Anna is the new person up in the big office, right? She has a big job to do. She gets to work for that lovely woman that bought me from the flower shop, remember?”

Henrietta: “Oh, that’s right. I remember your mentioning that to me. Anna should fit right in. Do you think she has any chickens?”

Fat Chick: “I don’t know about chickens, but, I hear she has a beautiful little boy. Maybe she’ll bring him in to meet us sometime. We like little people. They seem to like crazy people like the Lady at the Desk.”

Henrietta: “That would be nice. I like it when the little humans come to visit. They’re much more interesting than the people who are usually in here. Little people do such entertaining things like push the Don’t Worry, Be Happy button and the I Feel Good button on the desk. Everyone else talks about things like Web sites and policies and work stuff. BORING!”

Fat Chick: “Well, anyhow, here’s a big welcome to the family from the chickens and I hope the Lady at the Desk doesn’t frighten you away. She can be a bit overwhelming sometimes!”

Henrietta: “Yes, ya’ll come back and see us again sometime!” (Did that sound like Mae West? I wasn’t trying to sound like Mae West. I’m supposed to sound like Paula Deane…)