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Anna came for a visit April 7, 2008

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Fat Chick: “Henrietta, what did you think of our visitor today?”

Henrietta: “Oh, I thought she was lovely! What a pretty name, Anna. Don’t you think so, Fat Chick?”

Fat Chick: “Sure, it’s a lot nicer name than Fat Chick! I thought she was cool. Did you notice that she thought the Lady at the Desk was funny? That’ll sure make her day. Most of us think she’s just nuts, but, this lady thought she was funny. Wait till she gets to know her better!”

Henrietta: “Look here, Chick, I wouldn’t say anything bad about the Lady at the Desk. After all, she’s footing the bill to get your new boyfriend here for a visit. I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Fat Chick: “Okay, okay, calm down. No offense intended. So, Anna is the new person up in the big office, right? She has a big job to do. She gets to work for that lovely woman that bought me from the flower shop, remember?”

Henrietta: “Oh, that’s right. I remember your mentioning that to me. Anna should fit right in. Do you think she has any chickens?”

Fat Chick: “I don’t know about chickens, but, I hear she has a beautiful little boy. Maybe she’ll bring him in to meet us sometime. We like little people. They seem to like crazy people like the Lady at the Desk.”

Henrietta: “That would be nice. I like it when the little humans come to visit. They’re much more interesting than the people who are usually in here. Little people do such entertaining things like push the Don’t Worry, Be Happy button and the I Feel Good button on the desk. Everyone else talks about things like Web sites and policies and work stuff. BORING!”

Fat Chick: “Well, anyhow, here’s a big welcome to the family from the chickens and I hope the Lady at the Desk doesn’t frighten you away. She can be a bit overwhelming sometimes!”

Henrietta: “Yes, ya’ll come back and see us again sometime!” (Did that sound like Mae West? I wasn’t trying to sound like Mae West. I’m supposed to sound like Paula Deane…)


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