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Introducing Gregory Pecked April 16, 2008

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It was a match made in heaven–cyber-heaven, that is. The handsome hunk from arrived yesterday amid a great deal of excitement and flapping of wings.

Fat Chick was rendered nearly speechless, which is highly unusual for those of you familiar with Fat Chick. She seemed unusually docile yesterday, nearly swooning over every syllable that passed through the beak of her new beau, Gregory Pecked.

As you can see, the new rooster is indeed of the ornamental poultry variety. He makes quite an entrance and his size alone makes him a commanding presence in the room. He’s a lovely shade of turquoise with brown speckles and an extremely attractive and well coiffured comb. He’s much taller and more rotund than Fat Chick, which suits her just fine. They’re already getting well acquainted and having lovely conversations (which we’ll leave private for a day or two).

The only drawback seems to be that Henrietta can’t contain her disapproving clucks over the new romance. She finds it very upsetting that her protege, Fat Chick, has acquired a new beau under very unusual circumstances. She’s not at all sure she approves of him and the coming days and weeks will be interesting as Gregory Pecked settles into the office.

I wonder when he’ll have his first conversation with the Woman at the Desk? After all, she did pay the bill so that these two lovebirds could meet beak-to-beak.

If you want more details about Gregory Pecked, read the previous post titled “The handsome hunk from”


One Response to “Introducing Gregory Pecked”

  1. SpideyMizzou Says:

    Internet romances never work…;-)

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