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A shaky start to the morning April 18, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 2:28 pm

I’ll have to admit, it’s not everyday that someone in the central part of the US can wake up to what people in California find almost normal—the shaking that comes with an earthquake. Unfortunately, I slept through all the excitement, although others today related their experiences with their bed shaking and so forth.

The earthquake itself happened in southern Illinois. Luckily, this particular quake wasn’t the catastrophic New Madrid fault event that many geologists have been predicting could come at any time. The stories that talk of the major quake that hit in the mid-1800’s tell of the Mississippi River running backward and some things that shifted never returned to their pre-quake state.

The fact is, most of Missouri is probably very ill-prepared for something like an earthquake. Let’s all be grateful that the event of this morning is all we have to wake up to for awhile!


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