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Heather and the bridal shower April 28, 2008

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My computer is not behaving itself, so I don’t have photos to share right away. However, let me tell you about the very lovely bridal shower my sisters hostessed for our daughter Heather this weekend.

We were lucky to have a pretty day on Saturday. The shower was at the restaurant at Tanglewood Golf Course and was attended by family. There was a yummy luncheon served and then we got down to the serious business of watching the opening of a pile of gifts.

Our family is always very generous with one another and this shower was no exception. There was cookware, a set of lovely dishes, Chicago cutlery, a quilt, lots of kitchen essentials and many great practical and decorative items. Heather and Kreg should be rather well set for household supplies as they start their married life.

I was rather amused that the little favor boxes contained Sweet Tarts, Heather’s favorite candy. However, all of the purple ones seemed to be missing. Ahhhh, my niece Jessie (not a little girl, but, a college graduate) had already pilfered all the boxes for the preferred purple candies. Naughty girl! I noticed she’s missed a couple in my favor tin so I donated them to the cause.

After taking photos of the gifts being opened, I returned to my seat thinking I would pop a Sweet Tart into my mouth. Much to my surprise, my tin was now completely empty. Aha! My niece Emma (4 years old) had confiscated my box and eaten the remaining candies while I was otherwise occupied. Naught girl! Hmmm, must run in the family…

All in all, a very nice afternoon. I’ll post photos later on after my computer gets a kick in its hard drive.


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