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A Mediterranean feast with my sisters + 1 April 30, 2008

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Last night my 3 sisters and I joined my niece Caity for dinner at Eckles Hall. The event was a Mediterranean dinner prepared and served by the Hotel and Restaurant Management students. Caity’s husband, Jeff, is a faculty member in that program.

We started off with fried calamari with a red pepper aioli. Yum. We progressed to a Greek salad and then on to a main course of fire roasted pork skewers with couscous. We rounded out the feast with baklava and coffee. I ate too much and I’m sure gained at least two pounds since yesterday.

During dinner we managed to get the giggles for various reasons. I think the most entertaining event was watching sister Sue shoot herself with the cherry tomato from the end of her kebab. Nice!

We had several communication malfunctions last night including one interesting one (again from sister Sue):

Me: “I need to go shopping this weekend and buy a really good mandoline.”

Sue: “I thought you already had a dulcimer.”

Me: “Not a mandolin, you good, a mandoline for slicing vegetables.”

Sue: “Oooooohhhhhhhh….I have one of those.”

I guess I’m glad she has a mandoline. I thought she might try to borrow my dulcimer the next time she needed to slice potatoes! 🙂


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