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In preparation for Mother’s Day May 1, 2008

It has just come to my attention that Mother’s Day is only about 10 days away. It also happens to fall on my husband’s birthday this year, which always makes me feel guilty. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

I thought it appropriate to ask all of my readers to comment and provide some of their most special memories of their mothers. They can be sweet and sentimental, funny and endearing, but, they can’t be insulting. (That’s a message for all MY children out there who might think I’d actually publish one of those comments.) 🙂

I’ll start by talking a bit about my Mom. There are things that I remember about her that she doesn’t seem to recall. You know, those special little memories that are captured like small snapshots in the middle of a busy life, never to be forgotten in the mind of a child.

When I was small, I remember my Mom always being very busy. There were 4 children at that time (ultimately there were 5, but, that was later on). One thing I remember very clearly is my Mom sitting down on the couch with me and showing me how to draw a face in profile on a pad of notepaper. She says she doesn’t remember ever doing this. I remember it like it was yesterday. That was the first of a million pads of paper that I filled through the years with sketches.

I also remember Mom letting me drape a big blanket over the top of the dining room table and making it my “tent.” It made me feel like I had my own little place in the living room even though there were lots and lots of other people around. Sounds kind of dorky, but, it was cool to a little kid.

When I think of my Mom I always have memories of good food and family dinners. Spaghetti, fried chicken, pot roast with potatoes and carrots and lots of onions and pies. Mmmmmm. We got to pick what we wanted to have for our birthday dinner and I seem to remember struggling between fried chicken and spaghetti. I remember Tuesday’s being particularly exciting because it was Mom’s day off. When we came home, there were usually pies that had been baked that morning for supper and the most wonderful smells. I can still see that kitchen with Mom in it in my head. It was a wonderful place.

I could go on and on with about a million more memories, but, the cool thing is my Mom is still around and I’m still making memories. What a blessing!

Time to share: Want to share a story or a memory about your Mom?


One Response to “In preparation for Mother’s Day”

  1. auntlelo Says:

    I’m posting this on behalf of Pat H.:

    I have very fond and precious memories of my Mother, mostly respect for the many years of hard work in her younger years including caring for eight children, washing clothes on a wash board, then later a wringer washer, two days of ironing plus cooking on a wood stove in a very small kitchen . I think the last 50 years of her life her children tried to make life easier and for the most part, I think we succeeded.

    As a child, I remember the foods she made that we all enjoyed and the Sunday dinners when we had loads of people come and never once did I think how much work that was for her. I always felt safe and if I had something on my mind that worried me, all I had to do was tell her and just by telling her, I would no longer worry. She didn’t necessarily fix it but simply by telling her, it went away. Her words of wisdom to us always were “just do the best you can”. Of the seven siblings, one deceased, we usually take turns putting flowers on her grave. I chose Mother’s Day.

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