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Introducing another new office friend May 5, 2008

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He arrived on Friday  by way of a plain brown gift bag. An unassuming fellow with big eyes and a lovely baritone voice. When he was just a tadpole, he misunderstood the word fly. He thought he’d be able to soar like the beautiful birds over his pond. Instead, he was told he was supposed to “eat flies” because toads don’t have wings.

He’s been reading the blog, you see, and thought he’d feel right at home with the other birds in the office. Fat Chick, Henrietta and the only recently arrived Gregory Pecked. He’s been a toad who wanted to be a bird his whole life. He’d love to trade his warts for feathers and his croak for chirps. However, it looks like he’ll just have to be satisfied pretending to be a bird.

His given name is Phineas Toad, but, early in his life picked up the nickname “Pigeon.” So, our new friend will join the rest of the strangely named office flock and go by the name “Pigeon Toad.”

I hope warts aren’t really contagious. Maybe someone has a suggestion for how a toad can learn to crow and grow feathers? Pigeon is certainly anxious to fit in. Right now he’s making himself at home on my bookshelf and getting up the courage to make the acquaintance of the feathered friends. While on the shelf he’s started to read the most recent copy of the Missouri Review. After all, you know, most toads are poets at heart.


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