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A memorable Mother’s Day gift May 6, 2008

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I’m sure all of you who have been Mothers can recall some of the more memorable gifts you received over the years. Some of them were truly amazing, some were truly creative and some, well, were just from the heart.

There are a few gifts that I received that sort of fit those descriptions. I remember when my daughter Annie was a very little girl, around 4 or 5, her Grandma used to help her with Mother’s Day gifts. My Mom is usually a pretty tasteful person, however, she is a real pushover where grandchildren are concerned. I remember opening the gift as Annie waited excitedly, watching for my reaction. In the box was a string of chunky, purple plastic beads.

You see, that was Annie’s “purple” stage. It was her favorite color at the time and she thought if something was purple it was the most BEAUTIFUL thing in the whole world. Hmmm, I don’t think a person could quite match that particular shade of purple with most normal clothing. However, I remember putting them on and wearing them to church on Mother’s Day. Although I didn’t wear them very often (sorry Annie), I do still have them. They’re tucked away in a box in my dresser drawer among other little treasures from my children’s childhood. I kept things like Cub Scout badges and newspaper clippings and, yes, strings of purple beads. Those are the things memories are made of.

Another memorable gift came from my sons, Bobby and Mark, when they were probably in high school. They bought me a set of new dishes and silverware. Wow, you say. What a wonderful gift! Yes, it was and it was sorely needed at the time. Most of my other dishes had somehow disappeared, carried out in the trash piece by piece because some teenage boys thought it was easier to dispose of the evidence than to carry their dirty dishes from their room in the basement to the kitchen to wash them. Sound familiar to anyone? 🙂

I also have a really neat handmade card our youngest son Allen made for me when he was just a tiny little guy in daycare. It’s hard to believe he’s 15 now and the proud owner of a drivers permit. Time sure flies when you’re raising kids.

Thanks, kids, for the gifts and for the memories. I love all of you.

What were some of your most memorable Mother’s Day gifts?


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