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Planting trees and making memories May 12, 2008

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This weekend we not only celebrated Mother’s Day, but, also my husband’s birthday. Although it seems like a strange sort of gift, I gave him two maple trees for his birthday. He and our youngest son Allen spent all Saturday morning planting the trees and I popped outside frequently to take pictures of the activities. (I would have posted one of them, but, my computer seems to be on the fritz and doesn’t want to upload the photos from my camera.)

We also gave my Mom a maple tree for Mother’s Day which Mark and Allen planted. For years to come, we’ll be able to look outside in the backyard and remember this day and the people for whom those trees were meant to honor. It was a good and lasting gift, I think.

This was the year of giving things that grow and last. My husband gave me beautiful hanging baskets for Mother’s Day. Allen gave me piano music and made sure there was some classic rock mixed in with my typical country and pop fare. I spent part of my weekend trying to master Free Bird, Living on a Prayer and LaGrange. Not an easy task. As I tried to explain to Allen, the bass lines of these songs are sometimes pretty complex because the bass player in the rock band has only to play one instrument. When trying to play these songs on the piano, I play the bass line with my left hand, but, I am the “rest of the band” with my right. The things we try to accomplish for our children! Oh well, he thinks it’s cool that his Mom is playing some heavier classic rock on the piano and I guess that’s all that matters (although I’m really not a big fan of ZZ Top).

Aunt Pat fixed a lovely lunch to honor the Mother’s in the group and we all gathered at her house after church to visit, enjoy and make merry. All in all, a very nice day.

Thanks, kids, for the beautiful gifts (depression glass cake plate, movies, piano music, flowers and balloons) and cards. Love you all lots and lots!


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