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A natural blonde May 13, 2008

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I just love old photos. They make me feel warm and nostalgic. They’re like old friends. Take a look at this one that just cropped up!

Yes, at one point in my life I was a blonde. A natural blonde. In fact, my Mom used to say when I was very little I was a “cotton-top.” I love this picture of my Mom, Dad and me. It was taken in front of the house where I grew up, out on a farm in rural Callaway County. It was a comfy white house with a red shutters and red shingles on the roof.

Wow, it wasn’t just my hair that looked different back in 1965. I would have been 3 years old in this photo. That meant my Mom would have been 24. That’s just one year older than my daughter Annie is right now. Amazing! Sometimes I look at these photos and it seems like it was just yesterday. Then I look in the mirror and realize that there are 40+ extra years staring back at me. That little kid sure did have a great time growing up on the farm with her Mom and Dad, 3 sisters and a brother. Well, I’m not quite sure about that brother… 🙂


One Response to “A natural blonde”

  1. Chris Says:

    Great photo. Add a tweed jacket to your dad, along with the pipe, and you could call him “the professor.” Or add a pilot’s cap and call him “the colonel.”

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