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Random musings on a Friday May 16, 2008

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More random thoughts to entertain and inspire you as you prepare for the weekend:

  • I wonder how long you can pretend not to notice a cobweb in a corner before people call you a bad housekeeper?
  • Why do you think hospital temperatures are so cold? No wonder patients complain!
  • I really need to find a way to fit more dishes in my dishwasher. I mean, really, why should I wash anything by hand when I have a perfectly nice appliance in my kitchen that says “dishwasher” on it? If I’m really creative I can stuff one more thing in, just there…
  • Should I sing a bluegrass song at church on Sunday or should I do something more standard? I’m feeling in a bit of a bluegrassy mood today. Maybe something by the Isaacs would be good.
  • My printer is out of ink again. I swear, this thing drinks more ink than my son Mark drinks Pepsi.
  • How long do you think it takes to fold 100 church bulletins by hand (properly of course)?
  • Daisies are a great buy. When I get roses from the florist, they die in 2-3 days. I got daisies last Friday and they’re just as pretty today as they were when they were delivered. Daisies are completely underrated flowers. I think they’re perfect in every possible way.
  • Have you ever noticed how many strange noises there are in the house when the TV and radios are off, all the people except you are gone and you really focus on it? I’ve suddenly become aware of how loud our dog Lucy is when she scratches her ear. Totally disruptive! 🙂
  • Writing about nothing is so much more fun than writing about something. In fact, I think I’ve just discovered that you can, in fact, make something out of nothing. In fact, people make “much ado about nothing” as is evidenced by the constantly increasing numbers of people reading the random musings blog entries. This is a great rule for PR. You see, people really DO read and enjoy fluff!

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