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Mulching, Munching and Musing May 18, 2008

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This has been a busy weekend where yard work is concerned. My husband and son, Allen, exerted great effort and beautified three lawns. I helped a little by cleaning up and detailing the flower beds. All in all, the yards are just gorgeous. They did a terrific job and it shows.

We also pulled out one of our favorite grilled burger recipes as a treat for dinner last night. Maybe it was because we were hungry, maybe they were really that great, but, everyone seemed to think they were some of the best we’d had and a nice change from the regular BBQ burgers.

I also found myself thinking more amusing, disjointed thoughts throughout the day. I’ll be happy to share:

  • I noticed a sign at the feed store that said “bulk mulch.” Have you ever tried to say “bulk mulch” fast three times? I don’t think it’s possible!
  • I think when Allen is trying to aim for something with his shovel that he misses it altogether. He is much more accurate when he doesn’t try.
  • It isn’t a good idea to put your hummingbird feeder too near your own chair on the deck. Hummingbirds tend to “buzz you” if they think you’re a threat. Last night I think a kamikaze hummingbird was after me!
  • Don’t you love it when you have a good drying day and can hang your clothes outside to dry? You get lots more loads done and save energy to boot! And they smell so good…
  • I’ve noticed that there is no possible way to go to Wal-Mart and spend less than $150 per week on our grocery items and essentials. I’m making lists, using coupons and trying to be much more focused on buying things we need and not filling the cart with other junk, but, the magic number at check-out seems to remain at about $150-160. I remember when I used to feed a family of 6 every week for less than $100!
  • Isn’t it nice to end a long, busy day by sitting on the deck with your sweetie and just watch the world go by?
  • Have you noticed that when you look up into the sky there don’t seem to be as many jet trails as there used to be? Where have all the jets gone?

Have a wonderful restful Sunday with your family. I plan to!


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