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Got to get back on the wagon! May 19, 2008

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Last week was the week of ice cream binging. I guess every healthy eating regimen goes through a crisis now and again. Mine was last week when I hit Dairy Queen twice for a heavy dose of some massively calorie laden ice cream, hot fudge and browning concoction in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl. While comforting and enjoyable at the time, it’s definitely not a habit I can sustain for long.

This week, it’s back to bringing my lunch, chicken on the grill and salads for dinner and the gym. I think I’ve taken to falling back on old habits like “comfort foods” to help treat my anxious moments. There’s a lot of change taking place at work right now, another daughter getting married in a few weeks and the vote on a new pastor coming up at church. When stressed, I have always turned to food. Pasta, burgers, ice cream. BAD! BAD! BAD!

This week will be better. I’ll definitely get a handle on my weakness and start hitting the exercise trail again. By this time next week I hope I will have dropped a couple more pounds. On the plus side of things, at least I’ve maintained my weight despite all the binging. Now, I just need to lose some more!


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