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Random musings about housework May 23, 2008

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While doing housework today, many thoughts passed through my head. So many, in fact, that I had to share them with you. Poor you.

  • I hate housework.
  • I wonder why it is that I seem to be the only person in my house with the ability to wash a dish by hand. If it will fit in the dishwasher, someone else might do it. If it’s a hand wash job, it may sit there for days until Mom does it. Sometimes I wait just to see if I’m right about that. I am.
  • I hate housework. Especially dishes.
  • Why do people eat cereal, especially the kind that sticks to the side of the bowl, and not think to rinse out the dish when they put it in the sink? Don’t they know that stuff turns to concrete? Grrrr.
  • I have a pet peeve about my husband taking off his socks and leaving them next to his chair. He has a pet peeve about my taking off my shoes and leaving them next to mine. Especially when I get up to about 3 pair. Guess that makes us even, huh? If that’s the worst thing he does, I’d say I’m pretty lucky.
  • Did I mention that I hate housework?
  • I hate it when people brush their teeth, spit in the sink and don’t rinse it out. I mean really. You have to turn on the water to rinse your mouth out anyway. What’s the problem?
  • If my youngest son doesn’t stop leaving his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor I’m going to do something drastic like writing about it in my blog. Oops, guess I just took care of that little item!
  • Boy, I really hate housework!
  • It’s Murphy’s Law that as soon as you mop the kitchen floor you spill something on it. As soon as you clean the stove top, something boils over. Murphy stinks and so does housework.
  • Why is it that people can use the last bit of toilet paper on the roll, get another roll and be too lazy to actually put it on the dispenser. Am I crazy or is this some concerted effort to drive Mom crazy?
  • Housework is a bummer, especially on a holiday weekend.
  • I get really frustrated with people who say they love housework. It makes them feel great to vacuum, dust, do laundry, and clean bathrooms. I think it’s obvious that those people have never had 6 children, mountains of laundry, live with people who refill the sink with dirty dishes the very moment you’ve finished loading the dishwasher and don’t rinse out their cereal bowls. These people are nuts. Life is too short to like housework.
  • People who lay the peanut butter knife and the jelly spoon directly on the counter are rude. What’s more rude are the people who get the peanut butter, jelly and bread out as soon as I’ve cleaned the kitchen (and don’t bother to put it away after they’ve made their sandwich).
  • When I grow up and get rich, I’m going to hire one of those crazy people who like housework to come and clean my house.
  • I thought writing about it would make me more motivated, but, it didn’t work.
  • I still hate housework.

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