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Lunching with Maddie June 3, 2008

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(Photo of Maddie taken with the camera on my cell phone)

Yesterday I had a grand lunch with Maddie (of Mad About Maddie blog fame) and her Mom. Miss Maddie had a lovely time munching on various toys, the strap from her portable seat and ultimately the leather on her Mommy’s wallet. If the amount of drool indicates level of enjoyment, I’d say Miss Maddie thought the wallet was her fave.

I was also treated to a full-on display of Maddie’s ability to turn on the charm. She told me her cousin Katie is sometimes an “onnie meanie” (translation is onery meanie). However, today Maddie chose to be a flirty sweetie. She completely beguiled the waiter, the people at the next table and mostly anyone in her general field of vision. Then she traveled back to the office for a quick hello with her Mommy and continued to hold everyone captivated as she batted her eyes and practiced her royal waving abilities.

A fun time was had by all and Maddie was a very good girl, never crying or acting “onnie meanie” one single time. Good girl Maddie! We’ll have to try that again sometime!


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