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Random thoughts about SPAM June 4, 2008

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No, despite the photo, this isn’t a post about the original SPAM. You remember SPAM? That strange and unidentifiable meat product in a tin that so captivated and inspired my grandparents’ generation that it has now become its own iconic part of pop culture? This is dedicated instead to the strange and somewhat disturbing emails I receive in my inbox everyday.

  • Have you ever wondered just who the living, breathing body is behind some of those bizarre emails? Who spends their life at a keyboard creating emails about Viagra and updating your personal information on eBay or please help me, I need to transfer a million dollars into a US bank account?
  • I wonder how many people actually fall for these emails everyday? After all this time, you’d think people would get wise to anything that asks for personal information.
  • Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if all the people who spend massive amounts of time and money creating or filtering all this SPAM could instead be free to spend their time doing something more positive? For instance, mowing their lawns?
  • Do you know what SPAM stands for? I found two definitions on a Web site that say: [not an acronym] written spam — slang name for Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE; junk/bulk email); Superfluous Pieces of Additional Mail
  • How many “superfluous pieces of additional mail” do you get in your inbox every day? Does it make you angry enough that you feel compelled to write an email to someone complaining about it? Is that complaint email then considered more SPAM?
  • I always wondered why people got so mad about SPAM. I just delete it. I never notice those same people getting that angry over the “superfluous pieces of additional mail” they receive in their regular mailbox. They just glance at it and toss it in the trash. Simple. Kill trees AND contribute to your local landfill. You’d think that would make people more angry, wouldn’t you?
  • Ever try to figure out how much money in our economy is tied up in SPAM? I wish I had all that money right now. I’d spend it on things like paying off my house, a cool Australian vacation, new shoes that make my feet look daintier, putting red streaks in my hair to cover up the silver, buying stamps (to mail more cards, not SPAM)…
  • Wow, this rambling post made me hungry. Anybody have a can of SPAM they can spare? Did you know there is an official SPAM Web site, a Monty Python musical called SPAMALOT, and a SPAMMOBILE? No kidding!

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  1. Great article, very well explained. Thanks a lot!

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